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Vaastu Tips for Better Living

The entrance of the house brings in the main energy. Read on to find out more about the vaastu of the main entrance.   The main entrance of the house is one of the most important areas. Dr Snehal S Deshpande, Advanced Feng Shui & Pyravastu Consultant...

Home Shopping? Look beyond the WOWs!

When shopping for a new home, it’s easy to fall in love. You can find yourself dazzled by the sprawling backyard, trendy kitchen, or sky-high ceilings, and want to make an offer right then and there. But it’s important to take a step back and take...

Buyer’s Success in a Competitive Market

In hot real estate markets, buying a property may feel like a nearly impossible feat. Skyrocketing prices, low inventory, and bidding wars can make a prospective buyer feel dejected. But becoming a homeowner in hot cities can happen, if you employ the right techniques. A recent...